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Las Vegas


Learn more about the activities and experiences on offer.


The only exact replica in the world of the original Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany. From painted ceilings & long wooden tables to the chestnut trees in the Biergarten, it’s as authentic as they come!


Heart Attack

 The Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas is a truly unique restaurant, where glutony and obesity reigns supreme. Where else can you go to eat a 9,982 calorie burger, served by a buxom waitress dressed as a nurse, listen to karaoke, and wash it back with a shot of liquor served in a prescription bottle?


The Deuce

The Deuce On The Vegas Strip (Deuce for short) is a 24hr bus service that covers the entire length of the Las Vegas Strip several times per day. It’s designed to be a cost-effective and quick way for both locals and visitors to get around the city.



If you have to see one though, we’d have to recommend a Cirque du Soleil show. 

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is an immense canyon lower by the Colorado River in the excessive plateau area of northwestern Arizona, U.S., famous for its unbelievable shapes and coloration. You'd experience a private and unique experience, a full day of Grand Canyon tour.


Car Racing Experience

Exciting, thrilling, engaging, fun and unforgettable are just some of the words used when describing an experiential event with Dream Racing.

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Old Vegas

Old Vegas was an amusement park at 2440 South Boulder Highway in Henderson, Nevada, located in the Las Vegas Valley. The site included various amusement rides and a replica of Las Vegas' Old Mormon Fort, which contained the Hondo Casino.

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