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Learn more about the activities and experiences on offer.


The RIDE Experience

Experience the energy that powers New York City with the traveling theater that drives discovery.

Explore a whole new side of NYC with THE RIDE. The custom-designed, multimillion-dollar bus is perfect for people-watching, but the entertainment doesn’t stop there.

The streets come alive during this uproarious one-of-a-kind theatrical adventure, and you have the best seat in the house. Take a bite out of The Big Apple with our two hilarious hosts and enjoy surprise performances during this unique 75-minute show.


Private Food Tour

Known for everything from cheap eats to authentic international fare to Michelin-starred restaurants, New York City is a culinary hot spot and undoubtedly one of the best foodie cities in America.

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Radio City Music Hall

A gift to New York from the Rockefellers, Radio City Music Hall is a glitzy landmark that has been entertaining the masses since the Rockettes dancing troop first kicked up their heels here in the early 1930s.


Private Sightseeing Cruise

Sit back and relax A great way for the family to enjoy a relaxing private Sightseeing cruise with dinner.


Brodway Show

Enjoy a classic Broadway show. The availability of the shows depends on the date



Nasdaq is a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities. Its name was originally an acronym for "National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations". In this program you will have the opportunity to get a private tour into NASDAQ.


Enjoy a private Brewery Tour to know a lot of local NYC beers and visit the local breweries.



See the New York City skyline from over 100 stories above the streets – the highest point in the city. Take in breathtaking 360° views from the comfort of an indoor climate-controlled space. Get ready to elevate your senses at One World Observatory

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The only whiskey distillery tour in Manhattan.

Gain in-depth insight into our whiskey distilling operation through a tour of our distillery. We'll cover the basics of our process, unique ingredients, and how the layers of our Bourbons and Rye all come together. And since we're proponents of learning through experience, our guides will lead you through a tasting of our various core whiskeys.

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